Packages & Rates

Generally, the work I do falls into one of two main forms, which are priced differently.

Hourly/Project/Website Rate

For one-off targeted tasks or projects like a new site launch, I charge my hourly/ project rate ($75/hr), and have a two-hour minimum. Pretty straightforward. Whenever possible, I give a hard estimate in advance so you can know what to expect. (With full website projects, I always give a solid quote in advance.) 

For website builds, I specialize in WordPress, which I’ve been working with for over 10 years. I’m able to convert non-WordPress sites over to WordPress, preserving the look and feel if desired. I also can create original designs, or designs based on your sketches, or a WordPress theme based on a design created by a graphic designer. And I have licenses for around 200 premium WordPress themes, from WPMU-DEV, Themify, and Ultimatum.

My website projects tend to start at around $800, and generally come with the features and benefits listed in the box on the right. (One notable benefit: full training.)

Website Package Features
  • Thorough pre-build analysis of your web presence goals and needs
  • Thorough post-launch training (up to 5 hours in 30 days after launch)
  • Documentation and screencasts covering the main tasks you will encounter
  • Main theme areas customizable via widgets
  • Smart starter pack of plugins (for SEO, Google Places, XML sitemap, security and more)
  • Access to premium plugins and themes: WPMU-DEV plugins and themes, iThemes plugins, Themify themes, and Ultimatum framework

If your need for help stretches out into the future, or if you want to be more hands-on, I have my Basic Support and Coaching Package:

Basic Support and Coaching Package

For more ongoing support, and for clients who want help getting better at doing things on their own, I developed my Basic Support and Coaching Package. It’s $400 for up to 10 hours of help over the course of up to 3 months. (It expires after three months, or when the hourly time is used up, whichever comes first. Different people choose to go at different paces.)

It’s a better deal than my regular hourly rate, which is in part because it’s my favorite arrangement to have with clients. I love empowering you to take control of your web presence and make the most of it, and I love having a more-involved and longer-term connection with your mission and ambitions, and trying to find the best way for you specifically to achieve what you specifically want, in both the short and long-term. Clients love it because there’s almost no question I can’t answer, and almost nothing I can’t help with.

From website code to hosting and domains to WordPress and CMSs to social media (a.k.a. Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Google and LinkedIn) and marketing and audio and video and…you get the idea. But also: HTML and CSS and PHP and RSS and XML and galleries and shopping carts and widgets and cpanels. Oh and mySQL and MailChimp and PHPlist and Constant Contact and PayPal.

Bing. Joomla. OK, I’m finally starting to run out of steam. Meta-data! SEO! Stylesheets! I’m cheating now; stylesheets and CSS are basically the same thing. But we’re having fun, right? ;-)

Or maybe I scared you. All that crap* is kind of scary if you’re diving into it for the first time–or even worse, if you already dove in and almost drowned. But I can help. I’ve been helping scared newbies (and mid-bies) for 7 1/2 years. Before that, I was a scared newbie myself for 10 years, learning all the stuff I needed to learn in order to help you learn the stuff you need to learn now.

Support and Coaching Package Features & Benefits
  • Help with small and medium tweaks and fixes to HTML, CSS, PHP, WP themes and plugins
  • Orientation and training on major technologies:
    • WordPress, from beginner to advanced
    • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, etc.
    • Blogging, podcasting, video blogging, etc.
  • Supervised upgrades to WordPress and plugins
  • Available for quick questions or in-depth talks
  • Consultation on Internet marketing, blogging, the Social Web, and other modern small business challenges
  • Analysis of and suggestions for your current web presence outlets
  • 10+ years of WordPress experience, 15+ years of small business/web business experience, 20+ years of marketing experience, working for you
  • Access to all my premium tools:

The “support and coaching” takes a different form for each client, but generally it’s a combination of techie problem-solving, training and coaching you to take more control of things and master WordPress and social media, and identifying and going after your next web-presence goals. The overall rule is usually: if something would be really hard for you or take a long time and I can do it quickly due to my experience, I’ll just do it. If it’s something you can and should learn to do, I’ll teach you how to do it or help you through it. Different people have different levels of comfort and experience with all this web stuff, and I try to meet you at your level and help you learn to do whatever you need to take charge of your business’s online presence.

Still with me? I apologize if I gave you the jitters with all that jargon. Let me make it up to you by giving you a free consultation/evaluation, for up to an hour, on skype or via phone.

If that list of buzzwords (which in this case also all happen to be, ahem, my qualifications) didn’t get your pulse racing, an hour talking with me will for sure. But in a good way. And we’ll end it on a soothing note. It’ll be fine—trust me.

Phone: 661-264-9224 or 530-830-2006
Skype: freelance.lance

*awesome, life-giving crap which we should totally do tons of together